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Do you take multiple boards to the hill?


Do you take multiple boards to the hill?  

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  1. 1. Do you take multiple boards to the hill?

    • Yes, locked up.
    • Yes, left at board check.
    • Yes, left in the car.
    • Yes, left out unattended. (Nobody steals alpine boards!)
    • No, there can be only one!

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You mean someone would actually think of showing up to ride without a second board? :]

I ride at a relatively low-crime ski area. The most common crime committed here is

someone buying the deep-fried burritos that are 2 for a $1.50 in the lodge (you don't want

to carpool with 'those' guys). But, I would never leave my board(s) on the racks/box or in

the car. I usually check them at the lodge/rental shop with someone I know. Besides, it's

closer than walking back to the parking lot.

The danger in having trust in a locked 'box' or 'same key system' is that those systems are

all defeatable by anyone who really wants your board. The same with leaving your board

in the car. Trust me, there isn't a lock out there that can't be defeated. Every hear of

windows (think glass, not software)? They break.

Always bring a second board if you have one. The conditions change so much from morning

to afternoon it just makes sense to have a second board setup for the changing


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Guest woodman

I'm even bringing both my son's boards now....:D I've always brought both boards when I go. It's just to much damn fun switching to another board especially when the conditions change. I've always kept them in the car as well. Even though I have a roof rack, it's too easy for someone to walk away with your pride and joy. Is this a bad thing? :confused:

My name is Paul, and I'm a multiple board user.........

Good carving,


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I took the habit of taking only one board a short while after getting my new freecarve board2 years ago. When I bring two boards, which is rare, I leave it in my car with an old blanket over it. And the board is as old as the car, so none look like a good target.

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I know it's blashphemy but I bring my one carving stick and dig the groomers while they (and my legs) last. Then from lunch on it's one of 2 pair of skis (the big Atomics for the chop, boilerplate and/or supersteeps, and the 1080s for the bumps,pow or occasionally the park. All bases are covered. Let the flaming begin. :D

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.......I always bring up two or more boards.

REASON 1: Type of conditions and weather.

REASON 2: In the event you break or damage the board. Ouch!

REASON 3: You offer your board to someone else to try. Yikes!

REASON 4: Lazy to change your bindings. What's up with that?

REASON 5: It is unlikely, but in case someone steals it, to sell it on ebay. HEY!! THAT'S MY BOARD! YOU THIEF!!!!

REASON 6: I got the room in my truck. Don't waste the space.

REASON 7: 2 is better than 1. Like we didn't know.

REASON 8: It like having a babe in room to look at. Hmmmmmm

REASON 9: When with others, you have many boards up against the wall. Okay, Everybody say cheesseeee! CLICK.

REASON 10: I'll think of something......

Remember your snowboard is a tool for the snow! Treat it with care.:D

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