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Carving competition video?


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A few months ago, someone posted a link to a video of a race somewhere in Europe where the participants demonstrated impressive carving (on skis) around short rubber gates. Does anyone know where I can find the link?

I need a demo event for the CT Ski Council's Winter Carnival at Sugarbush in early March and it needs to be something that could be done on skis or snowboards. The last two years at Bromley we ran a boardercross/skiercross event that was a blast but Sugarbush told me yesterday they're not going to be able to set up a course for us. I'd like to be able to show a video at the next council meeting to see if we can set up an alternate event. I did find the Carve Cup videos that were posted in December but I was also looking for the one showing skiers.

Snow conditions would a major factor. I suspect that the course ideally is set up on a gentle to moderate well-groomed cruiser. Since it's a demo event, scoring could be based not on speed but on who can demonstrate the coolest carves. Some skiers (without poles) can get their hips down to the snow and I think it would make a good spectator event. Obviously it would be cool to demonstrate to the masses what a carving board can do too.

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Thanks Bob,

I went to the website but could find no videos. I e-mailed the folks a few minutes ago to see if they knew of a link.

I'll check out the buoys. The event looks fun and would be cool to pit the skiers against the boarders on the same course.

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