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WTB TD2 Step-in set-up for rear boot!


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Hello Fellow Carver!

I want to convert my rear boot set-up from standard to a step-in format.

For all of you experts, let me know if my list of parts is accurate.

Sole block (non-sprung)

Lug (non-sprung) (2)

Bail step-in toe

Heel receiver

TD-2 M6 x 12 (4)

Intec heel (right heel, cables, top clip and set clips, and screws)

So if someone has such a set-up to sell or part of it to sell, let me know!


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Might want to post this in "Wanted" , not "For Sale" forum?


Might advise you buy another TD2 "Intec" set up and split it with yourself??

I have heard of the actual heels being converted left from right. Otherwise you would need to share a set with someone that is "Goofy" if you are regular.

I think most that have gone through this process will suggest you stay with one or the other. I know I have done this many times and have come to the conclusion it is best to go with one or the other. Others will argue of course.

But there are just too many issues. Good luck in finding a complete one foot including heel set up for sale.

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