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Board repair HELP!!!

Jon Dahl

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Another one bites the dust, as it were. My splitboard (homebrewed) is pulling the topsheet and a small bit of the core at the front pucks, both sides. Pucks attach with ski screws ala Voile's instructions, but I'm going to insert some of these instead. Real question is, what should I use for epoxy to re-attach the topsheet and core material to the board. Any good recomendations? I really do not wish to lose this one as I just split it in December, and haven't done any real backcountry with it yet. Thanks in advance, Jon.

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Tognar sells some stuff that's supposed to be good. Never used it myself. Link Here

I suppose this posting is also a comment on the viability of making your own split board. Have others had success doing this? Seems to me buying a board made as a split would offer better durability and fitness for purpose. Any thoughts on this subject?

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Just thought I'd throw this out to you - I bought a Voile Split Decision with no hardware. I'm trying to put together a splitboard on a budget so if you want to let the hardware go, I'd buy it from you. Never owned a splitboard so I don't even know what I need but what I have is in the photo (plus skins).




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You will need the specific pucks from Voile for this, as the kit pucks are different. Slider tracks and pins to go on top of those,also. Either Voile Mtn Plate bindings or Bomber splitboard bindings if you are using hardboots. Then go to splitboard.com and join the forums there, I'm on there too.

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