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lifetime quivers...


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the "first board" thread got me thinking - how many boards have you owned in your life? can you remember them all? I'm gonna try...

(Bryan - I don't thnk there's enough space on the server for your list :D )

Burton Backhill

Winterstick roundtail ('83 or '84)

Burton Elite

Sims switchblade

Look Lamar Trick Stick

Look Lamar Freestyle

Look Overspeed

Kemper Screamer

Avalanche Damian Kick

Lib Tech Doughboy

Apocalypse Pharoah 201 (forgot about that one - broke it the 2nd day I had it @ Donner jumping a BIG one - the hike out sucked)

Mistral 162 something like a freestyle board

Mistral asym

Nitro Epic

Nitro Diablo 186

Lib Tech Inner-Course(went through a few of those but they rocked!)

Burton Asym Air (got it in a trade for a case of beer!)

Burton SuperModel 181

Burton Supermodel 173

Donek Axis 172

Rossignol World Cup 184

only have the inner-course and the Rossi now...but I'd love to have some of the old ones back for a run or two - especially my doughboy!

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Top Posters In This Topic

Top Posters In This Topic

Posted Images

Burton Craig Kelly Air

Burton Alp 164

Burton FP 167

Dynastar Course 155 asym

Elan Ballistic 155

Rossi Throttle 175 Prototytpe

Rossi Throttle 175 production

Elan Ballistic 173

Some elan 160ish freecarve board

Volant 173

Elan Team stock 185 (I wish I could get this board back. Anyone have it?!?!)

Burton Team Stock 185

Prior 4WD 169?!?

Prior WCR 185

Donek 185 (the first one)

Donek 185 custom

Donek 195 custom

Donek incline 160 something

Sims burner 197

Sims burner 197

Donek 175 custom

Donek 205 custom

Donek 205 custom

Donek 195

Donek 185

Think that sums it up, but im sure I will edit later to add more that I have forgotten about.

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Well I haven't been doing this as long as some of you, but here goes:

Ride Ride 160cm

Ride Timless 158cm

Killer Loop FC 158cm

Ride Timeless 167cm

Burton UP 164cm

Madd BX Proto 167cm

Donek FC1 179cm

Burton Speed Beta 178cm

Burton Coil 165cm *

O'Sin 4807 178cm *

Madd 170 Green *

Madd 170 Red --

Madd 158 Red *

Coiler PR 188 *

Madd 180cm *

Old Madd 158 *

Coiler AM 172 --

Whew.. I probably missed on or two, but that's more than I thought I had!


Edited to add current usage (*), and soon to be for sale (--).

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Let's see:

- Burton Performer

- Rossignol Seone

- Burton Air 6.2

- Burton Rippey 156 (my short lived jibber phase)

- Option 159

- K2 Eldorado 166

- Winterstick All Mountain 159

- Winterstick Severe Terrain 159*

- Winterstick Severe Terrain 164*

- Winterstick Severe terrain 172

- Winterstick OX 166

- Winterstick Wasatch 159 (chopped it in half for my beater split board)

- Skull Skates 166 (made OEM by Option- rock board)*

- Winterstick Cirque 162*

- Winterstick Swallowtail 185*

- Prior Khyber Splitboard 160*

- Burton Fish

- Oxygen Titanal Proton 170*

- Oxygen Proton 164*

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Burton Supermodel 168

Ride Tempest 161

Burton Custom 160

Liquid Race 159

Donek Incline 160

Salomon FRS 165

Donek Wide 161*

Donek FCI 163

Donek Axis 172*

Coiler PR 184

Donek Incline 168*

OSin 4807 178*

Coiler PR 188*

Coiler AM 182 Custom*

Madd 170

Burton FP 157*

Donek FCI 175*

* = have it now

Several of these were in my possesion for a short time (but ridden a few times) and several were bought cheap for use as rock boards.

Coming next... although this could change...

Coiler AM 172 Custom

something with a ~14m sidecut, most likely another Donek

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My wife says I have / and or have had too many snowboards. (You can never have too many snowboards.) Seeing others' lists, I'm gonna have to let her know that I'm WAY behind....

Here's my list:

Burton Performer 140

Burton Performer 'Elite" 150

Burton "Mystery" air (The year before Craig was allowed to put his signature on them)

Burton M6*

Hooger Tuned 168*

Hauser Freeride 163

Rossi Levitation 166*

Rossi WCR 190*

Liquid Race 169*

Rad-Air LSD Reto Lamm*

Rad-Air Tanker 192*

* = still in my possession, though not necessarily on "active duty" as Neil put it.

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not sure if Ill be able to do this...

Gnu Kinetic 168

K2 HC172 that broke, replaced by

K2 HC176

Morrow Driver 169

Morrow Revert 156 that broke

Burton PJ 7

Morrow Revert 160 that broke

some other Morrow 160ish

Nitro Fury 178

Santa Cruz HC 161

Oxygen Summit 178

Morrow Goodwill 178

Killer Loop 180

Oxygen Proton 178

MLY Signature 167

Rossi WC 184 (heh, thanks pat)

Coiler PRII 184

Steepwater 171*

Prior WCR 185*

Prior 4WD 182*

I also owned a MADD 170 but never rode it so that doesnt count.

jeez. thats a lot of boards.

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Let see...

Sim All Mountain 163

F2 Firebird 158*

F2 Speedster 166*

Salomon FRA 159*

Burton Super 174

Volkl Spline 162

Volkl RT 158SL

Prior WCR 161*

Prior 4x4 169

K2 Eldorado 164

Arbor S-Series 166*

F2 Silberpfeil

Steepwater Plow 171**

Rad-Air Tanker 182**

Rad-Air Tanker 167W** (rock board)

Volkl RT 163SL**

Volkl RT 173GS** (rock board)

Volkl RT 178GS**

* - still have but broken or "retired"

** - "active duty"

Yes, I am a board whore. I like a large "active duty" list. They all ride differently and fill the need at the snow conditions change.

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My very short list

1991 Burton Air 6 (1993) - Bought used, got stolen on the first day

1993 Burton Air 6.1 (1993-now) - Still have it, noodle, rock/loaner board

1995 FreeSurf Highlander 155 (1997-2000) - Bought new, sold it for almost the same price I bought it (too short and stiff for my liking)

1999 Nitro GTX 166 (2001-now) - Bought new, still use it as my main board

For bindings:

1993 Burton Freestyle (1993-now) - Unmounted for now, ankle strap changed once, toe strap repaired once, "old style" rachet, first year of 3D pattern

1997 Burton Performance (1997-now) - Used until last season, now installed on Burton Air

2004 Catek Olympic Short Plate (2006-now) - Bought used, ridden once, fell in love

And boots:

1993 Airwalk Freestyle (1993-2000) - Leather, plastic and rubber, heavy but supportive, sold at the same time as FreeSurf Highlander

1997 Burton Furnace (1997-now) - Original liners, old but solid

2000 Burton Glide (2000-now) - Freestyle boots, way too soft, bad buy, loaner/soft boots for now, don't want to sell them as I don't want to buy another pair and spend moeny on something I won't use anyway

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Flite Rocket 150

Flite Predator 158 (flatlam)

Flite Predator 163 (Stevie's 1st Vert Lam)

Flite Weapon 180

Flite UFO 170

Flite Weapon 172 (Asym)

Flite Weapon 162 (Asym)*

Ogasawa 160 something (Rock board...died a good death)

Crazy Creek 151* (future rock board...haven't ridden this one yet)

Coiler RC 175*

*Boards I still own

There were also a few Flite's that I rode like the 180 Rocket (awesome powder board) and a 200 Weapon with a leaf spring dampener (can you say instant speeding ticket?) but they were Shop boards and were open for use as long as Stevie wasn't riding.

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wow those are pretty impressive. I only have had one board but I'll put in my other snow involved things.

Sled with handles to control where your going (i love it!!!)

Bunch of snotubes

some crappy rossi skis

some crappy rossi skis with moutain Dew graphics (give aways)


Burton Ultra Prime 162


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Hot Blast 156 SL

Rossi A159 (for a rock board, but is actually way too nice and new for that!)

WFO 16? (off piste board)

Hot Blast 162 GS

(all of which I still own and ride)

Salomon snowblades

and an inherited set of Dynastar skis (my other half has high hopes for me)

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Sims 1710

Sims swithblade proto (All white top)

Sims "downhill"? (long,stiff,directional)

Gnu Raceroom ("Aerospace composite slopetool" w/cow poop graphics)

Rossi Alpine 173

Kemper Apex GS (and flamingo power suit!)

Oxygen L E 1/70 (rare carbon top- still unridden $$)

FP Team sl (red- 164ishX17.5)

FP team gs (red- 184ishX18)

FP 164 stock-yellow (NO comparison to the team boards)

Madd 170 (Original white sides)

Aggression 173

Volant 162

Volkl 163RT NIP


Winterstick severe terrain 66 (for the kites)

Wild Duck Swap61 (replaces Madd for pow/cliffs)

Difference: Women vs. boards

I can remember the boards

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1. Burton Performer Elite 150

2. Sims Blade 1610

3. Crazy Banana Rush 168

4. Burton FP 5.7-180s

5. Sims Premium 167

6. Nidecker Tornado GS 168

7. Volkl Renntiger SL 163

8. Burton FP 7.3-190s

9. Burton Speed 7.8 Prototype

10. Burton FP Custom, Race Stock (~8.4-184s)

11. Burton E-Deck 63

Wow, that was longer than I thought. Still have the Performer and the Crazy B, but they don't get on the snow. Of the others, the Blade was stolen, the 5.7 was sold to Erik Beckmann, the Premium is on permanent loan, the Tornado is my everyday ride, the Volkl was eBay'd to someone in OH, the 7.3 was eBay'd to a gal in CO, the 7.8 was eBay'd to bobdea (and I think I saw a photo of it under Skully at a WTC), the custom FP is my weekday morning deck, and the E deck is the rock/powder/tree/riding with softbooters deck.

Bindings? The Performer, Blade, and Crazy B all came with bindings; Burton Carbon Race Plates on the 5.7, and Burton Physics with Speed hooks on everything else.

As for boots, it was all about the Sorel Caribous with ski boot bladders with the Performer and Blade, Reactors with the Crazy B and 5.7, and Winds with all the rest.

Oh, and my turn-offs are rude park monkeys and snobbier-than thou skiers, and my favorite color is blue.

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Well, where do I start...LOL.

Circa 1997, F2 Roadster SL 154

Circa 2003, WildDuck Knifer 161

Euhhhhh that's it. No shame here. LOL. :freak3:

Wow, my wife should be happy, I saved her a bundle (I'm sure I've spent more on diapers)!!!

PS: 2 more posts til 100. Now that's efficiency. 2 boards and 100 posts. Beat that with a stick. :smashfrea

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lets see

Black Snow. (plastic snowboard)

Kemper Freestyle 165 cm *

Burton Craig Kelly *

Avalanche Dagger 165 cm (Damian Sanders pro model)

Division 23 153 cm

Division 23 153 cm

Division 23, 149 cm Marc Morisette (STOLEN LAST YEAR)

Salomon 450, 159 cm *

Carving boards

Sims Burner 162 cm *

Burton Speed 178 cm *

Madd 158 cm *

Hot Blast GS 183 cm

* Still have these boards

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1. Sims all mountain 160 2.Mad Dog 153 (first real carve stick) 3.Airwalk Force 167(re-badged Nitro) This became my first splitboard,too. 4.Volkl Renntiger173, this one is a keeper! 5.F2 Flame168 (2nd splitboard, broke it, too!) 6.F2 Breezer 158 7. Nitro 160 SC 8. Oxygen 178 all mountain (currnet split) 9. Nitro Pow 178 swallowtail. Hmmm, I've still got 6 of the 9, and gave away the first, and don't ride the second, too small.

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Burton Performer elite

burton safari comp II 165

nitro epic asym 169

hot ? alpine 165

ride kildy 169

nitro fury 176-1st pow board

mistral 174 & 169

volkl rt 178

radair tanker 192

another volkl rt 178

donek fc 163

more radair tankers 187w, 192, 2k

madd 170

prior wcr 185


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