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Diggin' the MADD's


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Just a word of thanks to the MADD folks for making great boards. I have read a good bit about the boards with all of the info posted here and the debate between old ones and new ones, yatta yatta yatta.

Had a great day yesterday at Blue Mountain, PA, even though it was granular piles over boilerplate (60 degrees on Saturday that cured to concrete overnight in freezing temps for Sunday). I let Jesse borrow my 170 and rode my 158 that showed up on Saturday's mail delivery.

Completely blown away on how well both "held" in such conditions. Can't wait to get some hero snow here in the Mid-Atlantic area to see what these bad boys can do.

First day on the 158- Stable at speeds, large arcs, tight arcs, great pop, almost like not having anything on your feet. Many folks have said you better be on your game riding the 158, which may be the case, but this board gave me the most confidence in the handful of boards I have ridden.

I was tickled with the 170, but the 158 makes me openly chuckle. My carcass at 210 lb may be a factor, but I now understand how Glenn was ripping turn at Okemo last year on his.

Jesse seemed to enjoy the action of the 170 as well. He proved me wrong and moved the bindings all the way forward and was diving into turns left and right and popping in and out to the next turn.

Great day, except for the crowds.

Thanks to the folks who coughed these up, they are beig enjoyed.


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