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Free carve question (alpd and wild duck)


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Long time no posts.

I have a burton Alps 164. Is this a freecarve board?

I also have a wild duck knifer 171. Is this classified as freecarve board?

**Any reccomendation on inexpensive free carve boards? 167-177's range?

(Im 5'10" 190-200lbs and ride on the east coast ice and crud)**

**If anyone has anything that want to trade Im going to sell some nice burton race plates, and some other bindings soon. **


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Had the chance to try both back to back.

The Swoard is definitely more lively, holds the edge better esp. on harder snow, looks a lot better. However it is also more expensive. Now that it is built by virus should be also a LOT better built (although I have not had my hands on a virus built one).

Side by side they are very similar. I would definitely go for a Swoard as a freeride as well as they are very easy to ride in all conditions (have not tried it in deep powder, on few inches of fresh powder, floats real nice).

Disclaimer: I am by no mean a board reviewer or world class rider!!! :ices_ange

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WD knifer was originally designed for WC riders, and was ridden by the wild duck race team around 93-95. Hence the fact that the knifer was a race board. By chance the small knifer was pretty similar to the actual Swoard 161cm, but all bigger models where race boards with narrower waists.

You can freecarve any race board, so no worries, some of them are a bit intolerant, which means you need commitment all the time otherwise you can catch an edge and eat it ( especially at end of loooong day when you are exhausted...)

Other affordable boards:

172 : the oxygen proton is a great board, had one and liked it ( too narrow for my tastes thu..)


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Thanks for the Info on my Duck!!

Its a lot of fun to ride... We just dont have the wide open trails here for me to even get to use a swoard :(

Does anyone have a reccomendation for a inexpensive freecarve board? Im pretty heavy and have big feet. Im thinking 168-177sh mediium to stiff flex and wider.

I wear a size us10(32 cm shell from heel to toe) 190lbs and 5'10'

thanks a million


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you can pick up a burton FP 178 or 173 with a 20 cm waist, some are much softer than others depending on the year and some folks say they came in two flexes and that would explain the variation between some of the boards I rode

I liked the stiffer ones

I put in allot of time on the 178 and it served as one hell of a freecarver, wide and super forgiving

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