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What the....


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hmm...nice looking cateks ...say around 200$ for the bindings....that leaves 221$ for the board. I'd say 50 to 75$ above the 'value' for the board. not that outrageous....

but then again, who and what sets the real value? I scratch my head too when I see almost new madds sell on ebay for the low 300$.

supply and demand? don't know..

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L@@K!!! R@RE!!! G@ F@ST!!!

I'd put it down to stupidity on the part of the buyer.

It's possible that the last minute snipe by trenchdigger1096 was a shill bid intended to push everyone up to their maximum (being 116$ over the 'at the time' highest bid) before backing out and offering to the second highest bidder. eBay can be very full of wankers.


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Im thinkin people start getting desparate in the middle of the season

I shoulda sold my stuff NOW instead o' THEN

funniest part is...and y'all know its true...if you were the seller in any of these inflated auctions you'd be stoked, and likely not calling the bidders stupid.

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Is there a better vintage of this deck? How can you tell?

YMMV - but all the Burner 162 "suck"...minus the old (1998) white decks. The shapes were perfect, the bases were sweet...but the flex was all wrong.

167 and higher are a different story.

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