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TD2 and suspension kit...


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Hello everybody.

As first, I would like to share the feeling of riding today with TD2 and suspension kit on my old F2 Silberpfeil 162 board.

The feeling is to be able to carve smoother turns and to feel more comfort while doing them, compared to the Race Titanium I had on that board.

The same feeling I had the day before of yesterday, when I went to ride my Burton FP178. I'm absolutely happy about the feeling and, from some pictures, I'm quite convinced that the flex of the boards with the TD2+suspension kit is absolutely more "linear" than the flex with the Race titanium (or other flat-base bindings). With the race titanium, the flex was a little bit "interrupted" under the bindings.


But I'm having a trouble with the suspension kit screws, a problem that was very close to make me have a serious damage to my board: the head of the screws that come with the suspension kits are very easy (to me) to be damaged from the screwdriver while unscrewing them (not while screwing them). I'm using a proper snowboard tool that fits perfectly the shape of the screws but... I had the problem for unscrewing at least 4 screws, that I can't use anymore since their head has been damaged. They seems to be too soft...

And I swear that I'm not applying so much power to screw them! Does anybody have the same problem?

Can anybody suggest anything to avoid such problem? Today I had to surf with screws that I didn't screw strong (for the fear I could never unscrew them anymore!), but... my fear was that with the movement and the forces of riding, some of the screws could become "lazy".


Thanks a lot in advance for your support.



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just clarifying. I was actually gonna say the same thing. lube them so they dont grind...makes tightening more effective and loosening easier

how come the suspension kit doesnt use the same bolts/heads as the other bomber parts? can they be replaced? I always liked not needing a screwdriver...

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The reason is that the TD2s come with a custom head bolt that is 16mm in length. The head on a standard M6 flat head is a 4mm wrench but the custom ones come with a 5mm wrench socket. You can not apply enough torque with a 4mm wrench without stripping out the socket. The #3 phillips head actually allows more torque to be applied to the bolt.

Since the custom screws are really expensive to make and they needed to be 20mm length for the suspension kit the phillips ones work fine.

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