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Latest rides - some conclusions


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Lately, I've been riding a lot... Whole variety of conditions, from ice, trough slush, skied up groomed powder, moguls, and perfect groom, and on 2 boards (Nidecker Extreme 156 sl, and my old Hooger Booger Grinder 168).


1) I suck in anything except close to perfect conditions. (Slush I do pretty well, too)

2) On good groomed fresh I can lay some mean carves, especially on heel side.

3) SL board is great fun on flat runs and good snow. On steep, icy, or skied up, I loose the edge. Small sweet spot and my bad technique... I might need a bit longer SL board. (I'm 6', 165lb)

4) My Hooger is way damper and has bigger sweet spot, but slower edge-to edge. It holds better edge on ice in despite of being very soft and wide (205mm).

5) I tend to ride too far forward, sometimes with straight rear leg. Bad - leads to tail skidding or to folding the nose on Hooger at higher speeds, or too falling on heel side. When I concentrate and ride cantered, or shift to rear trough the turn it rails nicely, especially on heel side. I still sometimes get some skid on toe-side initiation.

6) Inspired by narrow Nidecker (180) I steeped my angles on Hooger too (60/60, from 57/54 before) and my riding improved.

All technical comments on any of the topics are welcome!



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