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Guest Rossicarve10

I was waxing my board, an older Rossignol Throttle, and a small bubble about the size of a quarter formed in the base. I would guess it probably got too hot. Anyone know of anything I could do to fix it, or do I just ride with it? Any advice would be great. Thanks.

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I had the same thing happen to my throttle many years ago. A few things to think about. They have a microcell core and tend to be pretty thin at the nose ant tail. Use a WAXING iron only or you will overheat the base (still possible of course but I think you get better adjustability). I had one spot that would bubble with heat but then dissapear when cool so I left it alone. The others were cut out and repaired but I probably didnt need to do it. It never really affected the performance of the board as far as I could tell. It only happened on my 163 with a cap, the 171 with the 90* sidewalls never did it. Go figure.

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Yep...you bubbled the base. Not uncommon on those vintage Rossis. I bet the glue was wrong spec.

So...you have a few options.

1) If not a big deal..leave it alone

2) If a small deal, use a heat gun (low heat) and push it back down and hopefully the glue will reset.

3) If a big problem.....drill a VERY tiny hole, heat with a heat gun, squirt epoxy in the hole. Clamp, clamp, clamp (with metal scrapers). After 24 hours...go get a stone grind. But, I'd recommend against a grind on that board and just use a metal scraper to get it somewhat flat.

Good luck.


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