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An idea for buyer feedback


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When we make a deal on Bomber, why don't we all agree to post a reply to the original ad to confirm that the deal went well. I suggest only posting positive feedback in order to avoid any nasty public disputes. This way, a prospective buyer can check back in classifieds to know that someone is a good dealer.

I just posted a couple now.

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no, it doesnt really.

"only post positive" who are ya thumper?

what if a deal goes south? I mean...I like to hear all this fluffy warm "this guy is SOOOOOO coool" stuff, but Id MUCH rather hear "stay away from this seller"

if a dispute arises, then both sides need to prove their case.

but...like a recent situation where someone sold a board that was clearly likely delaminated before even being packed, and then insurance was denied, the seller deserves the hit against their "rep" that this would bring on. Seller is welcome to state their case, and then let any prospective buyers decide

so, yes on feedback (btw...I usually do this. Ive only bought a few things, but I usually either post in the original thread, or if I see something else come up I say "I bought from this person and all went well") but HECK NO on "positive only"

this aint Bambi

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The negative stuff would be a lot more fun to read :angryfire

heh. yeah, that too.

Im sorry Skategoat...I just don't get the "positive only" thing...its helpful and encourages deals, but doesnt do a single bit of good when a deal goes south...

not only that, but...if its in the "threads" section...a seller who ripped someone off could simply delete the original post thereby deleting the entire line of bad feedback

if everyone would just pay a tiny bit extra and use www.escrow.com there would be NO problems whatsoever

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R6Messagenet is the one I had in mind.

They do it two ways. One is there is a distinct subforum in the For Sale / WTB section where people can leave feedback. But if you look at people's avatar/info, you'll see a trader rating in some of them. You link to a thread that was the sale details, and you post positive or negative feedback for the other user. Its kind of like the feedback mechanism in eBay.

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