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Overnite lodging near Crystal Mtn?


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I need some more ideas of affordable lodging in Enumclaw or closer to Crystal, Alpental or Stevens Pass? I know you all are masters at finding cheap places to crash on road trips. I need a hand and would really appreciate the help. I checked out the AAA website and it recommended a Best Western. Any other ideas or places you can pass along? Someday I'm going to get a 4X4 camper van and my prayers will be answered.

Thank you!!!

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There is some lodging in Enumclaw, about 30 to 45 minutes away from the mountain. Greenwater is closer but the pikin's are slim and I dont even know what is offered there. You can go to skicrystal.com and see what is listed there but its pretty spendy due to supply and demand(there is little supply). Im not trying to sound bleak but there isnt alot real close. Im sure there will be other people with some ideas. Silver Skis is listed on the website as Crystal mountain Suites and the Phone number is 360-663-2558. Its located right at the base, the units have kitchens and there is a very warm pool. Otherwise go here http://www.skicrystal.com/lodging-dining/lodging.asp There is a small Store located at the base but your best bet for food on the way up is anywhere between your location and Enumclaw. After Enumclaw there aint much. shoot me an E-mail with your phone number and I will try to answer any other questions you guys have. peace

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