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Helmet Fitting for Big Melons!!


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Hey all,

I have a 61cm or so head. I want to hear some experiences with people modifiying, be it slightly or drastically, their helmet foam to allow a helmet to fit them better. Any safety or durability concerns that may have resulted would be welcome as well. I want a full face helmet and am having trouble finding local shops that stock them to try them on. I have another post in the WTB section where I am looking for a helmet and have had some help from people who have modified theirs. I think I may get more responses in this section though. I want to buy wavechaser's salomon but would like some opinions on whether the modifications would need to be too drastic to be feasible.


Darren :biggthump

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Leedom "Limit" XXL & Giro 9 XXL. I like the lightness of the Giro plus the "tune-up" audio speaker system.

Check out sizing at www.skihelmets.com

And I just noticed Leedom is offering audio models.

Burton / RED claims their's to be "DJ Quality" audio . . . someone mentioned that the extra bass drains the battery on an iPod faster?

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Another vote for Giro - I think they're the only company making genuinely XXL lids either for riding or cycling. My head measures 62 cm but most helmets marked for 62 don't fit due to it being more oval than round. Even my XXL Ravine is a tight squeeze, but it's OK.

As far as mods - short of playing with fit pads I wouldn't chance it. I'm pretty sure cutting into the foam or trying to reshape with heat or anything else you can think of is going to compromise safety.

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