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What I learned about Thermoflex molding


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1. After a good molding, when fastened, the boot is actually significantly tighter than it feels! This will take some getting used to for me, since come from softboots you know when your boots are tight.

2. I'd much rather trust myself than trust someone else molding them. My ski shop didn't do a good job on either boot, and screwed up my right foot and then redid it, so I lost an extra cycle on that. After I got home, I decided that the boots had to be able to feel better than they did, so I redid it myself. I learned on the first molding, and got it right on the second one. They feel much better now.

3. By the third heat cycle they won't totally puff up, but they still seem to mold fine.

4. Seriously, don't buckle the boot too tight during the molding process, especially if you have thin legs.

Dude, I can't wait to try out these things! :eplus2: It's definitely going to be an interesting experience.

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I'll be trying them out Saturday.

Anything was better than the job my shop did. They managed to screw up one of my footbeds, and molded my right foot with the footbed shifted forward. Ugh. I couldn't having them on my feet for more than 5 minutes. I followed the directions on yyzcanuck exactly, and now my boots are actually comfortable.

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I finished mine yesterday. The most helpful tip in the whole process (besides turning the oven OFF as you stick them in) was covering the liner with 'man-ty hose' before slipping it, and my foot, in the shell. Between that and the duct tape, it slipped right in with no wrinkles or tears. Slick! Bang your heal a few times, light pull up on the back of the liner, stand with toes elevated for 15 minutes. Repeat for other foot. Bam. Done.

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