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Do you tinker with your equipment?

Shred Gruumer

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Ja, I know what u are thinking, but lets get gutter mind off now. Im sears rious!

I have been accused of this and I'm sure some have you have seen this in action.

I kan't seem to help but to tinker mit my bindings everytime I go out. a little angle here, move them apart,,..I do this till it drives my friends insane! ..Its fun but I think its becoming a problem and may need help...... but anyway.

I don't think Im alone, in fact I think its vhut seperates us from them! Im always looking for a support group on da hill, I bet if I stood up on top I would eventually see someone tinkering.

Am I alone, need help for tinkering problem.

I have classified a few bindings on the tinkerability index from 1 to 10:

F2 proflex= Tinker index of 5

Bomber TD2 = 7

Cateks = 12... these , i kant help it they just scream, "please give my allen a screw in"

Hi Im Shred and I am a tinkerer!

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For my first two seaons on plates (Catek WC), I was constantly whipping out the allen wrenches. But this season, I seem to have found my stance, and have pretty much given up tinkering on the hill.

I'm not sure if it's because I finally stumbled upon the right stance afer two years...

... or, if it's because I'm finally *just skilled enough* so that *any* stance no longer feels wrong ;)

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I have 2 boards and am always tinkering with them. I think I have them set up the same, but when I switch boards, one always feels awkward. so I fix it, then its good. I put on the other board and it feels weird, so I change it again. It's an endless loop.

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Its not that its not set up right, its more of searching for the Zen of Carving set up. Im always looking to find out if there is a sweater spot!

Then it seems the way I have it dialed in on one type of conditions then not so good den when I get other conditions. Like going from here den to out west on the butter snow! So I tinker!

If Im riding one place for a while it gets set, but once I hit something else I change it cause I know it could be better.

maybe I need more boards so I have 12 then I would group them in three's, 178,188, 201 and set them up for 1) Ice, 2) slush, 3)powder, 4) packed powder. May still need to get more boards though.

Its the ever searching....the knowing that maybe.... just maybe if I move... uhhh this screw... it will be perfect! Dats da problem.

Right Said Shred:confused:

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Boy did I tinker around the last two seasons...

I needed help too...

This season it looks like I found my range of stance/angle ect.

Since I am riding flat now my only issue left seems to be stance, angle and toe/heel lift...:p

On my Swoard it's really easy, just flat, 55/47/19 and not toe/heel lift (with a nice set of TD2's).

On my POGO a little bit more to tinker. Fiddling around 60/58/19 with toe and heel lift, and 57/54/18 flat (a pair of F2 race titanium).

But, isn't that all that part of the fun? To play around and experiment a bit... a least for me it is...

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Guest Marilyn Cambers


Didn't your daddy tell you all that tinkering will make you go blind? Or at least it will make you lose perspective of the more important things in life - maximizing pleasure instead of anxiety over imperfection!

Plus I've also seen you tinkering with other people's bindings!! Or asking them if their bindings need tinkering. Have you considered T.A. (tinkerer's anonymous)? Studies show that all this tinkering can effect other areas of your life, driving, eating, bathroom habits, sex -- do you tinker often with these too? :confused:

I've read that tinkering so much and so often can come back to haunt you - you may have already found the sweet spot, the one, but because of all the tinkering you've lost it - forever. Then where are you, all alone on a hill wondering if you can ever satisfy yourself!

Just relax - you've got time - the only thing you've gotta do is go down the hill today - enjoy!

Marilyn ;)

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Hmmm. It not missing out of pleasure, its maximizing it! and always searching for the best spot. Kinda like druggies always searching for the ultimate high. Sure its a good spot, but some where out there there is a better one. Maybe I found the best spot for that board, maybe its the board that needs to be better. Then the ride gets better and better, until you wore out the limits of that board, then the search goes on.

Id say its more like a Journey not a destination!

I do tinker with other stuff too.,, I wonder?

Right Said Shred:rolleyes:

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Guest Marilyn Cambers

Hee hee!! Shred, you misinterpret - I DID say you MUST maximize pleasure!! In all these years of searching for the best spot, maybe you have attained Zen with each of your boards and didn't know it because you feel this urge to keep tinkering! Like any addict, it's tough trying to resist the temptation!

But, I like your style and persistence - the fun IS in the journey! Sure, it could the board, the bindings, or you're not riding to your fullest potential for whatever reason. At your urging I tried a new board, and it seems more responsive.

Soooo ... MAYBE you are jonesen for a new board ... is that arriving any day now?? Could it be the ONE ~ therapy for the tinkerer, or just a quick fix?

Buddy, if it affects other stuff too, you may just be a hopeless tinkerer!! :eek:

Tinker on tinker man, tinker till ya can't tinker any more ...

Marilyn ;)

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I don't tinker with my equipment, if it doesn't work, then I just:

  • buy a new board
  • buy new bindings
  • buy new boots
  • buy new socks
  • buy new goggles
  • go to different resort
  • use different type of beer (or other drink) during after-ski
  • make...

Damn, I reached my today's limit of lies, will continue tomorrow...

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