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He's not QUITE dead...

Jack M

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When I used to live in Northern Ontario, guys would go out and bag a moose, then drive around town for an hour of so with the moose in the back of the truck, then got and butcher it, then tie the head to the front of the truck and go to the bar and have tons of beers.

Everybody knew they got one fosheezie.

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Guest Thomas_S
dont you have to dress something right away? technically youre not even allowed to do that. you have to get a shtinkin permit for chrrisakes.

laws. pffft

Yeah, you have to field dress it :D. However, nearly all butcher's I've ever dealt with will field dress your deer for you (some of 'em for free/some for a fee).

I remember one guy who got his first deer - Miller's took care of him :D.

You can taint your meat if you screw up field gutting though.

Anyhow, I know in PA you have 24 hours to get your permit (and it doesn't count towards your hunting tags). All you have to do is call your local game commission office and you can do it over the phone.

Road-killed deer may be claimed by state residents, regardless of whether the person picking up the deer has hit it with his or her car, or if you shot a deer during the hunting seasons. Permission to pick up the deer isn't required. However, anyone who claims a highway-killed deer must apply to the Game Commission for a free permit within 24 hours from the time the deer is claimed. The permit can be applied for over the telephone. Call the regional office serving the county where the deer is claimed to make application and for more details.

The only thing you'd have to worry about is Chronic Wasting Disease since I know Colorado has some issues with it.

Anyhow, that is an EXTREMELY funny video :D - someone emailed it to me a couple of days ago :D.

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