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Raichle 123 - 27.5


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For sale,

Used Raichle 123 with contour-fit (Blax/Head) liners. Mondo 27.5 - the shell says 27, but the liners are 27.5. Bought these boots here from one of the forum members :), for my wife in mid november. She used them for few days total (2 or 3) during our trip to Summit Co in december. About a month ago she twisted/sprain her ankle so she's not gonna use them this season anymore, besides we've already got her stiffer boots.

Boots are in great, clean condition - some scuff marks from regular usage. Also buckles and straps are in perfect condition.

Liners are stiffer than the stock liner that came with the boot. I did not mold them (even though, they look they've been heat molded once by previous owner).

Boots DO NOT come with intec heels (just with regular ones).

Asking $100 (obo) + shipping, or TRADE (+/- $$) for similar boots ,size 24.5-25 mondo, that are intec compatible (raichle 100s, 200s, 300s preferably).

Email me if you want more pictures.




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sorry to hear about your wife, matt.

for the record, I didnt mold the liners. when I bought the Head Stratos that these came from, they were slightly used. original owner may have molded them but no idea.


I'm not saying you did:) I just wanted to clarify so it comes as no suprise to potential buyer (and I didnt want to get into ... the owner before last owner stuff hehe, so dont take it personally:))

Her ankle is getting better (started walking last week w/o the crutches), but it looks like the season is over for her.


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wow. a sprain ruins a whole season? that sucks!

yup, if you consider that season in mid west ends begining of march usually (cant wait till I move to So. Cali!!).

Doc said that she might have torn a ligament but they cannot tell without the MRI. The ankle swells from time to time, so I doubt she'll ride this season.

and...I wanst takin anything personally. was actually just trying to clarify what the owner before the last owner did before previously owning the previous owners stuff or something like that

exactly what I meant hhehehe:)

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I'm new to the mondo thing. I currently own a pair of burton winds. The liner says 275. Is this a 27.5 mondo? My boots are getting out there and I will at least have to replace the liners, if not replace the boots. I wear a size ten or so mens. Does this sound right?

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