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Slopes here are not as big and great as in Alps, but price tags are better. But here are plenty of great slopes for carving too and mostly they are not as crowded as in Alps.

But it depends lot where you plan to live here what are your options and how far good slopes are :D

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Thank you for the tips, Ifigure they got to be good because Norway hosted the Olympics. If they are not as bigas the Alps and more carvable, but cheaper. That is all right by me. I am wondering what resorts are carve friendly or ones to avoid.

Kiitos hyvää,


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Based on your language skills, you should come to Finland :D

Sweden has many good places but Are is great but only of season due huge crowd but slopes are very good ones. Other swedish places are still unknown for me until next HardBootersUnite in March :p

Norway, my favorit, they have great slopes and as thumb of rule more distance to Oslo then is less crowd. I can recommend Hemsedal and Trysil closer to Oslo, both are great. Specially Trysil has huge ammount nice dropping slopes but can be crowded during weekends. But my special favorit is naturally Oppdal which is like 400km north from Oslo. We will have there small CarvingCamp at beginning of March, everyone is welcome :D


When you are planing your visit ?

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Hi Bob,

I agree with Pokkis but you should also try Hemsedal in Norway, 3 hours by car from the capital Oslo. A lot more vertical than Trysil and awesome wide slopes with good grooming and also world class off-pist in "gummiskogen".

Åre which is Swedens best in vertical meters have some really steep slopes to carve and mostly crowded. BUT the first two hours in the morning is great if your a speedfreak...

We are running a Swedish Expression Session in late March. Send me a mail if you are here and want to meet a few Swedish carvers and Pokkis (i believe). Check out www.alpinepunk.com (sorry only in Swedish).



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Hei hei Pokkis,

I use to date a lady who is from Tampere and went to Jyvasylan Yliopisto.

Thank you and Mats for the recommendations for Hemsedal and Trysil.

I might go in April if my boss signs off on the travel. I heard there was a resort in Northern Norway that was open into May or June.



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Stryn in Norway opens up in middle May, depends if thay can dig out the lifts and get the road free!!!. It´s not very much north. It´s more westward from Hemsedal on a glacier.

You also have Rikgränsen in northern Sweden. In the summer it´s like a who´s who in the freeskiing/snowboarding elite. You can snowboard 3 a clock in the morning with the sun up. Awesome!


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