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Attn: WA and Oregon Carvers/Racers


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Hi there! Kevin from the Summit at Snoqualmie here. I run the snowboard coaches assistant program at the Summit. I am holding a race/gate clinic between 1-5 pm Jan 31/Feb. 1 for my students and would love it if some of you would be willing to come over and ride with us for the day. Any reps with demo equipment or racers would be greatly appreciated but anyone with hardboots is welcome.



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Sunday's race clinic is canceled due to conditions(too much cascade concrete), lack of gates and decent lanes.

My skiing counterparts failed to reserve gates and good lanes on a heavy race weekend so we were stuck with a bad lane that hasn't been groomed since the begining of the season. Thanks so much Sean for coming up and helping us through our disorganization. I wish conditions had been more favorable. Maybe later in the season we can put together a better course (top to bottom and groomed) for all the online guys.

Thanks again,




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