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WTB - Burton FP 146


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Guest woodman

for sale if interested. Both brand new, one is a 00/01 model, the other is a 01/02 model. Both are in excellent condition. $279.00 plus $25.00 shipping to anywhere in the lower 48, Alaska and Hawaii are $15.00 extra. Let me know.......

Good carving,


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Guest bethygirl

Hi there.

I have a 2003 Burton Factory Prime, 146, 4.6-195s I would like to sell. It is brand new and never been used. I bought it by accident - I did not want an alpine board and bought the wrong thing.

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I have a Burton Factory Prime 144 (if I have the measurement right - it's 140ish; I can remeasure) that my son rode when he was 10/11. I chose that board based upon a fair amount of research and advise. I'm guessing that he was say 80 lbs and about 4 foot 8 inches at the time.

We bought it used, but the board is in good condition; we take care of our equipment. We'll sell it for $120 US + shipping, which covers our cost.



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