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Whose ridden the K2 Ambush?


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I'm curious how this board will ride on firm snow. I'm sure it will be sweet in pow, but I've heard that it has a softer nose which is a bit worrisome. I was hoping it would be pretty stiff all over for the hardpack.

I want something that will rail firm while also handling soft conditions well. Wondering if it will fit the bill... it's been pretty heavily praised in the few (short) blurbs I've found. Thanks.

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I just bought and rode an Ambush 164 for the first time yesterday at Copper Mountain, CO. Firm conditions for sure, no new snow in the last few days, at least. I was quite impressed with the board. Using fairly still Burton softboots I was blasting all over the mountain. I felt like I was riding near the top of my game on my second run. I don't feel that it has a soft nose, either on the snow or just flexing it in the house. I think this may be last years board for what it's worth, I got it @ REI and I think they had the newer model as well. If I get back there I'll give the new ones a flex as well. I like this board so much I'm almost thinking of going back and getting the 169 too.


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The Ride yukon 169.

If you are looking for a wider board that planes powder and holds hardpack, check it out. I have been riding alpine for a long time and this is one of the only soft setups I like.

I am 190lbs, 6'1" and ride it with the catek free rides. At almost 27cm wide it handles a larger foot and lets you lay it over hard. Doug M also rides this board and has a very similar opinion.

ken d

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I have one and its a great jib sick but at speed and on ice it does not hold up as well as my canyon 173 if the ride were a tad stiffer it would be better I wish it came in a bigger size say in the mid to high 170s becuase its a weapon in the pow and has a ton of snap

I am pretty hard on my boards and it has held up pretty well so far

\the bottom line is its a great board but there is room for improvement

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