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WTB - F2 Split Tail


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I'd recommend avoiding the Lancelot. Among all the Swallowtails on the market, it is the one with the worst flex design. It is a marketed board that F2 should have spend more times fine tuning before releasing to be franck...

There are many swallowtails (not split tails) available, both in north america ( Nitro, Prior, Voilé, Winterstick) and in Europe ( Swellpanik, Miura, Pogo, Rossignol, O'sin/Dynastar.... and you'll have boards that will be really better than the Lancelot if you choose any of those brands...The O'sin for example is a nice powder board that carves bits and seems easy to find in the US.

The new nitro pow has also a new flex that makes it stiffer and better for hard booters...

Hope this helps :)


PS: got nothing against F2 in general, they just made the bad board this time :)

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I have F2 Lancelot 172 02-03

It very stiff and not tight waist:(


I buy it like universal board, but think to change for Rad-Air Tanker 172-182

Lancelot very stable on various slops

Lancelot ride not like ST but like standart very stiff freeride board

Lancelot not a Swallowtails!!!:confused:

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Hey Nils,

I think it works great with hardboots. Maybe it´s not the ultimate powderboard (youre the expert!) but it´s sure stiff. And it works good both on and off piste. Maybe that´s the problem - it´s a compromise. And now out of production...

Have fun in Aspen (you are going there are you not?) - I just came back after 11 days. The conditions are exellent!


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