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Burton Fish on the Groomers?


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I've got a 2003 option northshore 162 that I run with burton race plates and it works "okay" to "good" on the the groomies. It does not like the ice to much. Can straight line/flat base like a mad bastard, possibly due to the big rear taper? If I was travelling and could take only one board this one would be on my short list.

Its almost identical dimensionally to the fish, maybe a bit stiffer,

so expect a similar type ride.

Bumped into Prior a few weeks ago and he now is making the "blowfish" a 165 cm big wide nose/ narrow tail tree/ powder board

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Guest Pre School Rider

The Fish will ride o.k. on groomers,but don't expect to hang onto a turn for long.The taper does make the back end let go a bit sooner than one might first expect.It does well though in bumps as it wants to make quicker turns,and the tail comes around fairly quickly.I'd personally go 'long' with a Fish,getting one of the bigger models,not the 156cm.It'll float fine,as advertised,even in the shorter length,but the bigger sizes don't seem to suffer any in soft snow manuvering(but then again,I ride bigger boards these days).The extra length helped a tad on groomed,too,giving a more secure edge to work with.I noticed that my Front leg got tired on groomers,but my rear leg never got 'worked' in the freshies. Overall edge grip is about what you'd find on an old Cruise or early Mystery Air from 15 yrs. ago,but it's enough to get to the next patch of Pow.

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I think my fish rocks on grommers, if you already are rock solid on a soft boot board you should be fine.

I happen to have a box of next years burton product. The fish will become the Malalo next year and is much more groomer friendly. Although it loses some width in the nose it still floots awsome!

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