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mammoth, CA


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If my bus trip fills up enough I'll be there on the holiday weekend. Bus leaves out of the South Bay/L.A. area Friday eve 1/16/04 about 6pm and returns Monday eve about 10pm, costs is $269 for transport and lodging. If anyone is interested in hooking up drop me a line.

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How do you guys find each other on the mtn? Do you use FRS radios?

A friend and I are planning to go to Mammoth this season, traveling down from the Bay area. Which runs would be best for intermediate carving? Does anyone ride midweek?

Thanks in advance,


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It seems the most popular intermediate carving runs in Mammoth are Stump Alley, Solitude and St Anton's. Many start at Stump first and move elsewhere when the groomies disappear.

Wow! From the names on this post and other carvers I have met or seen riding at Mammoth, there are over 28 hardbooters that ride Mammoth. I didn't think there were that many. The biggest group I have carved with at mammoth is 6.

There every Sat and Sun.

Tim Kienitz

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Guest Randy S.


The Chevy Grand Prix SBX qualifiers and finals are on the 11th on Fascination at Mammoth. That would be cool to see! Too bad I'll be racing at Boreal in Tahoe on Sunday. Have fun.

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