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Hey dude. I haven't read your response yet to about UPZ boots switchin' often with ski modules and step-ins affecting the T-nut usage? I mean could you elaborate a little bit on it ? I use my UPZ when Im working 5 days a week at vail, so I cannot afford to have a nasty wipe-out during working. And yes I switch between ski modules and intec step ins on daily basis.

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I think Dave's response was more to do with the original screws and the fact they screwed into the boot rather than a T nut. The front pad gets quite a lot of torque if you use Intec bindings, so Dave's point was to change all of the screws, not just the rears. If all (front and back) are replaced with bolts and T nuts, you should be good to go.

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And I'll post some pics about what I did and the parts I used soon. I'll try to get them up on my site today.

If you switch them around that much I would highly recommend changing them out to the metal tee nuts.

Are you a patroler out at Vail?


YES, please do post photos of 'em, here if you could. And no Im not a patroller. I work at terrain park maintenance and special events, after snowmaking season (which is now, and I get to ride the snowmobile often as part of snowmaking tool -GRIN-).

Just easier to stay in my skis as I move around and work with things, like salt bags, sign posting, etc. Otherwise, if its just raking the kickers or color dye the pipe/kickers, I choose one of those options: skiing, freestyle board/softies or hardboot/alpine board only during early AM before lift opens for kickers raking. And yes pls do post the metal tee nuts, too so I'd know what to look for when Im out at Ace hardware store.

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yeah his name is Dave Canuck, he is the one who coined the phrase

Crazy canuck


I hear he says eh? alot and likes vinegar on his french fries :ices_ange

ooo, that's something i'd like to taste! ive grown fond of canadian's lay's ketchup flavor potatoE chips. ok, i wait for that crazee canuck to find "yyzcanuck" sucking his eyeballs to the screen of this forum, eh? thanks, mon :)

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