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Renn Tiger 168


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I'm 140, 5'7", and literrally rode the camber out of an RT 163. Awesome board!! This year, I bought a new Donek(To try something different, not because I don't like the Volkl), but if I were to buy a new Volkl, it would be the 168.

Considering you rate yourself as an 'aggressive' carver, go with the 168; you will be able to carve all kinds of turns over a broader range of speed/stability with the longer board. The 163 was awesome at the really tight turns, but (With my skill, or lack thereof) it wasn't as good at higher-speed stuff on steeps, but only because I didn't have the skill at the time to keep up with how fast it transitioned on steeps. (Read: I could carve the steeps in big broad turns, but couldn't 'charge' the steeps with zipper lines.)

Anyway, I cannot say enough about how awesome the Volkls are. Go for it!

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Hey guys,

How about a Renn Tiger 168, does that sound like it is more in my range. I weigh 120 and am 5'11. I am very aggresive.

Go for it -- I am a very big supporter of the Volkl RTs. My son rides the 173 and I ride the 178. He is same height as you but a little bit heavier. I wish I could find a 168 for him to ride and try but he rides the 173 perfect. I would be very surprised if you road the 168 and were unhappy.

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