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WTB - Carving Board for Big Man...

Guest judsonmillar@hotmail.com

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Guest judsonmillar@hotmail.com

My name is Jud Millar, I am 6'2" 241lbs and I am looking to get back into crarving for a bargin. I rode hard boots for a season but my board delaminated, I moved back east and have been riding soft boots for the past 3 years. I have boots and bindings (could use an upgrade) but need a board. My new wife is now with child so I am short on cash and desperate to ride - please help.



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Welcome to Bomber Jud!

You've come to the right place, most of the folks here will bend over backwards to help a brother out.

Give me a ring (209 - 201 - 7926) or shoot me an e-mail

(rj(at)exoticboards.com) I have some demos and used boards in the shop that might interest you. Plus I like to help new carvers out so we'll figure out a deal that will work for you.

My wife is due March 5th, how about yours?

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Sorry Jud,

For that limited amount of dough I would go with the other suggestions, but those aren't gonna work as well for your size.

If you could cough up another $75 I've got an old Hot 180cm that would be perfect for you. I would be losing money on the deal, but at least you'd get a board that won't noodle on you. It is gonna be hard to find a board that won't do that at your weight.

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