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What size F2 Eliminator LTD Wide?


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Hi quick bit of advice needed please.

I am off to Whistler in a few weeks and need a new board. I am presuming i won't find what i want at a reasonable price there, so need to buy here (UK).

It is impossible to get US boards easily in Europe, so it seems, the most suitable board for me, is an F2 Eliminator LTD Wide(size 11 feet). I think i would prefer the longer length of the 169w, but wonder, at my weight (75kgs) if i will be too light for it as it is designed for 75kgs+, therefore would I be better off getting the 164w?

Does anybody have any expierience with this board, can you advise me?

Basically, i want a fast board for carving on soft boots this year.

I understand this board is works fine for both hard and soft boots and would like to use it for my gradual transition onto hardboots leading to a dedicated hard boot carving/SL set up.

I have been carving in soft boots for many years now, using old burton 3 strappers, but my old K2 board is now so soggy, i can roll it up and put it in my pocket at the end of the day....



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I don't know what the Eliminator would cost in STG, but being from the UK, you'll find the Canadian dollar exchange much to your liking and you're landing on Prior's doorstep. If there's anything on their website as a demo/used, you could have it waiting for you when you got there. Or if you got on to it now, they could even build you something. You could pick up a 4WD or AWD for about 300 STG.

Just a thought ...

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I live near Oxford and I have bought lots of boards in Whistler on previous trips. If you want this seasons latest Burton etc then you are gonna pay standard money. But if you are happy with last seasons rides then buy when you get there. The Pound is usually strong 2.4 Can$ to the pound.

If you want a binding board package then they will offer money off. Dont be afraid to haggle.

A visit to the Prior factory is definitely worth doing too especially for a hard booter. They frequently have demo sites on the mountain where you can go ride all their latest offerings. I have ridden a 4x4 and WCR with hards and MFR with softs and they are all totally awesome rides.

Keep your receipts and check in to the duty free shop either in resort or at the airport(you may need to put some time aside to do this) and claim your tax back on your purchase too.

If you definitely want to buy before you go, order off of www.blue-tomato.at as the postage to anywhere in Europe (including UK) is dirt cheap.

There are definitely deals to be had in Whistler though. You probably wont get F2 there though. Burton, Salomon, Ride, Option, Prior, Sims, Forum to name a few.

I am riding a 163 Santa Cruz Duo Gold GLX Ltd with hardboots with frequent dabbling on my F2 Speedster SL 163. I previously rode softs alot but have come over to the dark side. If you can take the eurocarver jibes its a lot of fun.

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I'm glad i posted my question here, I hadn't realised the 'well rated', Prior, were based in Whistler and I like the idea of demo-ing some stuff before i buy.

I will save buying a board untill i get there.

I see Prior don't sell boots, it would be great to try a suitable hard boot setup, just to make sure i am heading in the right direction, before stumping up the cash.

Can anybody recommend a shop that can organise a demo (before i buy) of a good hard boot carving set up, or hire good Alpine stuff in Whistler?

Cheers for the advice!

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Pretty sketchy. Drop Prior an email to see if they know anyone in resort.

I did see about one pair for sale a couple of years ago but thats about it.

Prior sell bindings though.

What size feet are you? I have a pair of Burton Hardboots in a US11. So thats a UK 10 ish. They are too big for me. And spare bindings too if you wanted to have a go at MK or Tamworth. And a pair of old Northwave hard boots in a Nine but they do look a bit retro.

I bought my Deeluxe through Bomber but got stung on the import Tax, ouch. But they did come with thermoflex liners.

Blue tomato do the same but the thermoflex liners are normally on the more expensive stiffer boots.

I am away in Austria next week for a little snowboard trip but will be back from the 11th if you want to drop me an email sayand@freewheeling.com

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So there is one awesome place in whistler for hardbooting gear - Fanatyko (sp?). They have boots and bindings plus some prior gear. Get ahold of Chris Prior though. I did last year and managed to get a demo 4WD for four days and it was awesome ($40/day demo price), but try to get a deal. Also they will pro-rate the demo price if you buy a board...ie take off the money that you spent on a demo if you buy a new deck from them. So for 4 days, you get $120 off retail.

I would have totally taken them up on it, but I was already on the list for Coiler...which I get in two weeks!!


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