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Tools4Boards Board/Ski Vise


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I need a vise or clamp system to lock down my wife's skis and my boards for tuning. It seems that most products are either ski or snowboard specific. I searched the archives and could only find a quick thread from last year discussing the tools4boards snowboard vise. This led me to ebay and the tools4boards website where I finally found the "board/ski combo vise". Has anyone used this product tuning both skis and boards? Would you recommend it?

Here's the vise on ebay:


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For our home bench we got a couple of wood clamps and stuck some cork in the middle of them so it is only cork that is touching the base and topsheet. THe we attached them to the bench we a hinge so they can fold down. It works great, i was just out there a second ago working on someones board and they work awsome. Put those right up to a couple of 4x4s with some rubber attached to the top to make them grippy and alright for the skis and you have a killer workcenter for cheaper than you would pay for a clamp.

If not that then the best vice/clamp that i have used is the FK snowboard one, it is super sick.

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Last year I bought one of the ones that you are looking at and will be carrying them in the shop soon. So that should tell you what I think of it.

$40 isn't too much more than what I get it for as a reseller, you should buy it. Or wait a bit and I'll beat their price cuz you're a BOL'er. ;)

Some issues with them:

*You need a bench that has a lip at least three inches inward and not more than an inch and a half tall, they won't just set up anywhere. (here's a high tech pic, took hours to create):






*the slots are a bit narrow so you'll have to change the clamp lengths when you are working on edging different length boards to be able to fit them in. With the 2M Tanker I need to move them waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyy out.

Other than that they're great and now I have a set at the cabin and at the shop.

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got one. never used it for skis, but with the sticky surface no reason it wouldnt work. edge vise works ok although I think it should be a little wider to accept thicker cored boards/skis

used one all last year...boards only..never really complained.

well worth the money for plastic

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Thanks for the input. I have looked at the Beast vise, but from the pics it looks like it's snowboard specific. I need the ability to tune skis as well.

RJ-PS--I checked out your site. When will you have these vises in stock?


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You can get something nicer, but the Tools4Boards one works fine for me. I never use the clips that hold your board in place. Mainly because my bench is crap and is way to short. But the rubber holds the board in place fine w/o any complaints. I've done 40+ wax jobs on it and I have had 0 problems.

Sure you can get something nicer, but I guesss that's up to you to determine if it's really necessary.

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A good snowboard vise goes a long way to make life easy. I cant see spending 100$+ on a vise.

I have a set of Toko ski vices that I have mounted on my bench. I can tune skiis on them, but I prefer to insert a 2X4 T that I made myself and stapled the coloured ruberized shelf liner onto the top. I put the t's in the ski vise and plunk my snowboard on top of it. The shelf liner grips the board like crazy and works well with skis. You do have to adjust the distance between vices for different boards, but that is easy as 123.



If the shelf liner gets too dirty or waxy, you just rip it off and staple another one on the frame.



You dont have to use Toko vises either. any way to clamp the t's to a bench would work lice C clamps (of course you would have to screw a base to the T)

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Hi Enzo,

After your post I pushed the issue with the boys at t4bs on timeline and price and was not able to come to an amicable agreement.

Bottom line is that their price on eBay is now less than what they are allowing resellers (raised it on me) to get it for, talk about flawed math!

It still is a good product. And if you are getting it for less than dealers, you probably won't get a better deal.

Good luck.

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