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Speedster RS vs Proton?


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Hi guys,

I value your input. 170lbs, 26 mondo boots, hybrid race/carve style and probably ride a little heavy. Currently riding a really old (1996) 184 Coiler Race (which is the equivalent to todays Freecarve). Looking to get a long, big turn carving board (no racing). Ride almost exclusively on hero snow and board fast. wondering about peoples thoughts on the FS speedster RS in 177 or 183cm length, vs the Oxygen proton 172 or 178 length. They are both about the same price. Also thinking about the Madd 180cm, or a Donek. Can't wait until next year for a Coiler, but maybe I'll get my act together for one of those someday soon. Any comments, particularly about the Madd 180.

Thanks for the input.


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but the RS 183 is a decent board if you are on good snow, not so much if you are on icey stuff

a Oxygen is a step down from just about everthing you named IMHO.

Jack has put in some time on the 180 and Bordy did a review that can be found here http://www.hardbooter.com/news/archives/49-The-Big-Madd-Stick.html

and as soon as there is some snow I am gonna try one out

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