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WTB: Prior 4WD 159/169

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I've got a 159 you could have for 250.00, firm. It's got about a dozen days on it, some topsheet scratches and dulling, a couple scratches on the base, nothing that will effect the ride, edges in good shape. It's got the Quad glass option, Spirit Monn graphics. I'm out on the penninsula, so we might be able to avoid shipping cost, hook up at crystal or somewhere on the I-5 corridor south of Federal Way. I'd be happy to send you pics if your interested.

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<table align="left" border="0" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0"> <tbody><tr><td colspan="2">

</td> </tr> <tr> <td>glass_quad.gif</td> <td>spacer.gif</td> </tr> </tbody> </table> QUADRAXIAL GLASS

Prior Snowboards' quadraxial glass/carbon composite (quad glass) is a stitched fabric with fibers running in four directions (30, 30, 0 and 90 degrees). It also contains two 6cm-wide, 9-count carbon strips running lengthwise 4cm each side of the center of the board.

Quad glass has higher fiber content than ETLX glass (above). As a result it absorbs less resin which reduces overall weight (quad glass produces a board that is 8-10% lighter than a board made with ETLX glass). Furthermore, the fiberglass/carbon configuration of quad glass creates a torsionally stiffer, more responsive, and livelier ride than ETLX glass.

Quad glass is now standard in all Prior splitboard models larger than 154cm and is available as an upgrade to all other styles greater than 154cm in length.

Recommendations: Quad glass adds performance to all lengths in the alpine WCR model. It is also an excellent option for heavier and aggressive riders on boards 165cm and longer.

** C$100 surcharge for quad glass (except splitboards)

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Quad glass in itself does not make the board stiffer, it just increases the torsional stiffness because of its construction. I believe that Prior also softened all the boards when he added the quad glass, so the riding experience is similar to the old construction. I have a 181 WCR with the quad glass option, it is softer than his older boards, but holds an edge very well because of the glass.

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