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Will June Open on DEC 10? POLL


Will June Open on DEC 10 as planned?  

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  1. 1. Will June Open on DEC 10 as planned?

    • YES!! the snow will come
    • NO!! god is angry no snow for the lakes!

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I assume you're talking about June Mountain in California. If so, then YES, I have faith! I love it at June. It is probably the best carver's mountain in the state.

They have limited snow making but I think they are blowing some snow on the major runs already. It also looks like the weather is going to turn around for the Sierras in the next few days! :biggthump

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... and I'm wishing my neighbors to the south a good season because:

1) I want to go to the SnowPefrormance camp in May @ Mammoth

2) I want to use my Bachelor pass @ Alpine Meadows

3) If it doesn't nsow down there, Bachelor will get really crowded with visitors from the south, like it did this past Saturday. (Mostly gapers too - lots of bad drivers!)

4) I don't want to see anyone in CA go through what we went through in OR/WA last year!!!

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Guest Tim Tuthill

Brian: June has way less than Mammoth. It don't look good. They will ruin Gunsmoke again this year as last. I hope it picks up so I can ride with you guys before I go to Park City!!!

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