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Head Cirrus Hardboots 27cm


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I received som questions yesterday, so I might as well post that info here too.

-Cirrus is lower level than Stratus.

-It has the same ski-boot-type buckles as Stratus, but made of plastic.

-It does not have a thermoflex liner.

-It has the same kind of walking mode switch as Stratus, but does not require tools to adjust forward lean angle.

- Same high quality look-and-feel as Stratus.

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heres the info from alpinecarving.com:

Head/Blax: Head bought out Blax, and starting in '01, the Head boots are a continuation of the Blax line.

  • The Stratos Pro and S-LTD are the high end race boots. These are basically the same with the exception of a few very minor differences. Some Head boots come with a set of race heels/tongues. The Head boots are slightly softer than the DeeLuxe Indy.
  • Head makes half-size boots (like 27.5), but the only difference between a whole size and the next half-size up is the thickness of the footbed. Since you will want to use your own custom footbed, there is no difference in size between a 27 and a 27.5.
  • The cuff on Head boots is not as tall as the cuff on either Burton or Raichle boots. However, the high end boots have adjustment "wings" that extend some of the cuff plastic up by an inch.
  • The liners are generally considered to be warm and comfy. The area around the heel of the liner can be heated with a hose, but most people generally rely on the liners self-molding over time.
  • Head claims constant stiffness plastic over a wide temperature range.
  • The screws holding the buckles on the S-LTD tend to come loose. You will need a jeweler's screwdriver (#0 Phillips) to tighten them.
  • Head has generally been reliable when replacing broken gear even when it's out of warranty.
  • If you are using Head boots with the Bomber trench diggers, you probably need a longer setscrew on the TD toe clip. You will need to apply some paint to the threads to keep the screw from coming loose from vibration.
  • When using Head boots with some Intec step-in bindings, the Intec heel pieces can dig into the boot plastic along the sides of the boots, but it's not a big deal.
  • The older Blax lineup includes:
    • Blax Ingemars, 4-buckle + strap: Top of the line race boot.
    • Blax Stratos Pro, 4-buckle + strap: Top of the line race boot, with race heels/tongues, independent flex and forward lean adjustment.
    • Blax Stratos, 4-buckle + strap: Carving, no race heels/tongues. Has a spring adjuster for flex / lean.
    • Blax Franz, 4-buckle + strap: Freecarve/race, with micro-adjust buckles.
    • Blax Toni, 4-buckle + strap
    • Blax Heidi, 4-buickle + strap
    • Blax Rosi, 4-buickle + strap
    • Blax Vector, 4-buckle + strap (high end)
    • Blax Vega, 4-buckle + strap (low end)
    • Blax Cirrus, 4-buckle + strap (very low end)

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