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Anywhere to buy gear besides online???


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I'm interested in purchasing board, plates, bindings...yada yada yada, but I would also like to see the products in person first. Does anybody know where I might have some luck with that. I live in Michigan, like and hour from Detroit



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Yeah, sadly we don't live in a perfect world. What I would recommend doing is buying used here and do some research regarding the stiffness and flex of different boots. Is it a shot in the dark? Yes and no. You won't know if the boots will work perfectly for you, but you can get a general sense for their performance charicteristics.

What size boot (in mondo) are you looking for anyways?

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Guest tdinardo

I lived in MI for a few years and I never found anyone that carried alpine gear. I only saw one other guy that rode hardshells the entire time I was there. I'm pretty sure mail-order is your only option unless you want to travel.

As far as Mondo sizing goes, that's how long your foot is in centimeters.

Remember, Google is your friend. :) You can find answers to stuff like this really fast with a good Boolean string like "Mondo AND size" (without the quotes).

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whoa, easy there little tyke. the huge letters and stuff...I was just teasing bola, but...careful there. no need to be a punk about it.

listen...if youre so intent, why not pick up the phone and start calling around. maybe a shop has some old hardboots in the back room, or go over to canada or, etc etc...

and...seriously...read the "bomber files" and "tech articles" links at the front page. you asked what mondo size is, theres your answer AND how to find it is in the "boot sizing" article too.

find them. read them. find yourself some boots.

and respect your elders :)

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wide feet are going to be a problem with _any_ boot. no matter what.

if youre a 24.5, find something with a moldable liner in 24. Supposedly Head boots have a wider toe box. I dont know much about that.

if youre feet truly are wide, youre going to need to go to a bootfitter to have your boots stretched in the toe box area.

in my experience, the raichle SB series seemed a bit narrower than the AF (now Suzuka and Indy), so keep that in mind perhaps

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Guest astan100

I got a custom footbed made at a place called "surefoot" in NYC and they'll do lifetime modifications for you after that...the problem...the footbed (though comfortable) costs about 200 after taxes. They have them all over the place, but they do good work and you know they'll always modify your boot for you and it won't ever cost you MORE than the 200. PErhaps not the best solution for a dude on a budget though.

Just a note.

and you have to sit there the whole time!
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If you've got short wide feet, I'd recommend UPZ boots to you. You can find some used here in the classifieds, but they aren't too expensive new. I have 25.5 feet and they're pretty wide as well and I love these boots. Raichle was always too narrow for me.

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When I ride in Collingwood, I meet a lot of people of Michigan. I think it's only a 4 hour drive. I'd call ahead to Squire John's, find out what they have in stock and then make a weekend out of it. Some fine riding at Blue Mountain. It's not tall but it's very broad with a wide variety of runs.

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thanks for thinking of me, but it's way too big!!!

haha, im ~5 ft right now, and i probably wont ever be >5"5:eek:

thanks anyways

Hey Ike, I'm sure that you'll be ready for boards that long - and longer - in a few years. I have a friend that's your height that's a great softboot carver and rides boards about that size.

But you're kind of lucky because the lengths that you seem to want usually come a little bit cheaper: check out this eBay auction for a 149 Oxygen Proton with bindings.


Or, if you're interested in Burton, there are some shorter boards here: https://www.klugriding.com/‘98-‘99-FACTORY-PRIME_1010-snowboarding-gear.php

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Dont want to hijack this thread totally, but there was a major downside on my trip to Sölden, Austria last weekend... I WANT TO BUY ALL THAT GOOD STUFF!

Managed to come home with a pair of brand new Stratus Pro, but I was close to putting myself in bankrupcy when I saw all the brand new shiny Virus boards, F2:s and other sick stuff that I've never even heard of.

To top it all off F2 had a test site on the mountain to put even more salt in my wounded economy... I actually test rode a Silberpfeil so hard that I crashed and cracked the tail.


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