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Raichle 325 questions


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D-Sub, stop guessing! That is RAB, but it is not upside down, it is correct. Bad news is that they have the stiff springs in them, which are good if you're 300 pounds or higher.

Much better flex than the 5 position lean, find some softer springs and put the gray tongues in the boots (not the green ones) and go for a ride, you'll like them.

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OK, OK, but reading the post it sounded like he was going to change them based on your comment! :smashfrea You are getting to be an authority around here it seems, people take you at your word. I know the RAB for sure because I have the identical boot (325 LTD). He scored a good pair of boots.

Are you trying the UPZ's this year?

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thanks for all that - stiff springs should be a good transition for me - 220 lbs and riding in ski boots for years...

I was going to buy UPZ this year, but these popped up on ebay and I got them way cheap (less than what I bid you for those 125's, Dave) so I figured I'd give them a shot...

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