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Binding Height (High vs. Low)


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At what point is a binding too high?

My rough calculations tell me that the TD2 with the new suspension kit puts the boot *approximately* 4.5cm above the top sheet!

What qualitative performance differences (pros-cons) are there to having higher vs. lower bindings?

The difference in the feel of a high vs. a low binding is noticeable, similar to a wide vs. a narrow board.

Is performance affected by mixing, for example, a narrow board with a high binding or a wide board with a low binding?

Are racers restricted to how high their bindings can be? (If yes, how high?)

Looking for a bit of insight from any tech experts.



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There are no limits to height and it is all rider feel. board width should still be based on boot size and you can mix and match all you want to find uot what you like.

With the new suspension kit you will notice the height skating around the chair but it feels great once you are turning!

Leverage is the biggest advantage with lift and many racers ride much higher then you would be double stacked with 2 suspension kits.

Its all very personal to the rider. If you can feel the difference then you can figure out what you like. in till you feel the difference its all just bar stool chatter. :biggthump

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IMHO board width should be based on boot size AND preferred stance angles.

Yup! I like lower bindings. But I also really like the feel of my TD2’s with the yellow E-Rings. So the trade off is a choice between improved vibration absorption/leverage (higher) or better board feel with good vibration control (lower).

Guess I need to hear more bar stool chatter before forking over $80 Canadian, hence the post.:biggthump

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