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O.k, yesterday and today were my first days on the mountain. I have a pair of hard boots that fit correctly, for the first time (had one size too big last year). I noticed on both days that I felt a lot of pressure on the shin of my rear foot when going toeside, just at the top of the boot. I thought that maybe my stance angles weren't steep enough. Does this make sense? Or perhaps my form just stinks right now and this is the boot's way of correcting me (I notice I tend to bend at the waist rather than at the knees)? Anyone got any thoughts or advice?

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Have a look at this:


I think just about every hardbooter has experienced this condition at one time or another. Tighten down that cuff even more :eek: YEP! Booster straps, etc. May even want to get into a good boot fitter. Check some other threads here for some more info on that.

Good luck!

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Hey Kirk, and who ever could help.

just got back from a lil season opener at this baby hill not far from here.. been dying to test out that 183 Nidecker which i got from Kirk over the fall.

anyways.. i had this problem at the begining of last year. but as the season went on it slowly got away.. but now it's back again :(

anyways i have a pair of Leman's brought new last year. they were my size and they fit pretty good, and i'm on a set of TD2 with yellow ering 3 degrees lift, 60 front 55 back. and the stance are 19.5, I'm 5'8ish

i would say after 3hrs or so of hard carving out there, i would start to feel this pain at my abductor Hallucis - the arch of the foot near the heel.


this only occur at my left foot - back foot (i ride goofy).

is there a fix for this? i tired adding some cant to it. it helps alitte, but it really kills, to the point that i could barely walk on it or even touch.

and it hurts to bent my big toe up as well.

oh and some times during my carves.. it feels like my heels are lifting within the boot. but i have already put ankle strap to the tightest position..

any suggestions are welcome

thanks in advance.

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Tick - Lots of people have gone/will go through it - hope it works out. Oh and btw - It's SNOWING in them hills baby :biggthump

Sleevez - How good is "pretty good" for boot fit? What are your feet doing inside the boot - are you curling your toes under (making little fists w/toes) - maybe soreness due to muscle strain/fatigue? Something rubbing there? Some things maybe to look at :confused:

Sore feet are no fun on the hill or after a session. Others will probably 2nd my suggestion for seeing a good boot fitter. If they are even a little big, your feet can slop around in there and cause some real problems (had that experience several years ago - sucked!). If you're experiencing heel lift within the boot and you feel that the instep is cranked down - maybe too big? BTW, how's the 183 ride :eplus2:

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Sounds like your foot might pronate in. Try duct taping a wedge underneath the foot bed on the same side as the pain. This will roll your foot away from the pressure. Wedges come in different sizes, so it might take some time to get the right fit. In addition, you might want to get the plastic footbed at base of the boot sanded down. This will drop your whole foot down in your boot to create some more room. This might help if your boot is not too big. Ultimately, seek the help of a boofitter. Good Luck.

Mr. Colon

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Hey Kirk, and Mr Colon,

thanks for all the input / suggestions

so where could i find these wedges ? is it like those arch support thing ?

i think when i carve.. i put pressures on the outside of my foot + a lil heel lift.

i dont' know why i could tighten the instep all the way down. becaouse the foot is a perfect fit in the liner, oh and i think when it was brand new the boot feel tigher.. so should i put some soles under the liner? oh and dave from yzz checked my feet and pick those boots for me :P

and you guys don't think it's nothing to do with cant / lifts ??

actually i put the os1 standard on the 183, with no cant / lifts because i want to start with nothing and work myself up. but yeah after 2-3 hours. i was done for. so i switched to my softboot, and it kinda went away, then i missed hardboot too much so i switch back but on my tds + burton FP 164 and it wasnt' asbad but after 2 hours i could slow tell its coming back. but i just pack it in for the day.

and as for the 183,, i really didnt' get to push her :( it wasn't groomed. and tons of fresh powder, it got a lil better when ppl pack it down, but even with the powder cuz of the length of it.. i could push the board alot more than the 164 burton before the nose dive into the thick powders..

but once i sorted out this foot problem i'll be loving the nidecker. oh and some bastard skiier took me out while i was on the 183,, and gave her a lil battle scar :angryfire

anywyas thanks again.

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