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Rider Weight & Board Selection


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Wondering if there is a methodology for computing a rider's weight and matching it to an appropriate snowboard. There has always been a general amount of discussion on this board about what a riders weight needs to be in order to purchase certain equipment (particularly boards and bindings).

I know that a 220 LB rider clearly shouldn't purchase a 140 cm board, but besides for general rules of thumb, is there a more "formulaic" approach to determining what board characteristics a rider should look for and consider based on their weight? Obviously the aggressiveness of the rider comes into play, and I for one have always made every effort to ride the gear before buying it, but what about a newbie who doesn't have that option?

Just curious...

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Forget it... This kind of discussion came up few times, and we couldn’t even agree on calculating approximate stiffness index for boards, never mind matching it to the raider weight / style...

Sad part is that manufacturers always ignored that type of discussion - it is actually not in their interest that we are able to easily compare their boards. Some have their internal stiffness scales, but they are not compatible to each other.

Anyhow, search under BOBSI and ULFI and DFI, for the old discussions.


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I searched the gear reviews for boards, and noted the reviewers weight and where they ride. This helped narrow down my choices. Then, I called manufaturers and picked their brain to see what they would recommend. Sean at Donek was a great resource! I then, talked to as many people as possible. Carvers Gone Wild at Okemo was a super learning experience. I walked away knowing that my Burton FP 173 was the wrong board for me at the time. Demoing is great, but when conditions are good, people are reluctant to let go of their boards. :nono: Also, I found that by not having Intec Heels I had to pass on alot of oppurtunities to demo boards on my wish list. ECES, if you can wait, would be an ideal situation to demo/buy a board. At 270 lbs and an aggressive rider my quest has stopped at the Donek Axis 177 with OS2 Long Step-in. At least till I can afford to buy a Coiler or another Donek. Good Luck. :D

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