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Raichle AF600 Boots (Size 24)


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Sorry for late reply.

Could you tell me what it says inside of shell for size.

It should read in range,,,such as 24-26.5.

I alos need mondo size written on liners.

Lastly, I bought my pair of AF600 slighty used but almost new condition at $180. It's size 25 and my heels still come off when I lean forward and that's the reason I want to go one size down.

I know $180 is way below what you are asking,,,but seems like it's the going price. FYI, there was AF700 on ebay sold for $150 last week in size 25.

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I certainly don't want you to purchase something that isn't right for you but I do not think these boots will be too small for you. We measured my foot last and it is between a 24.5 and 25 cm. and the boots are not too small on me. If you got the next larger size, there would be too much room in the shell, and the tongue would be the next range -- 25-26.5. You want the boots on the snug side compared to loose so there is no heel slip. You could always go to a boot fitter (preferably at a ski shop) and see what size they say would best fit you.

Please let me know if you change your mind. Thanks!

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