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FS: used Oxygen Plate Bindings


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I've got a viewing problem on my PC at work (oops.... I'm on my own time now) Often I cannot see detail because images are very dark. I was hoping for 3D 'cause Dawn's board is Burton

raceboarder has those burton race plates for $85.

odd about viewing images...maybe your screen is wacky?

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U going to Embry-Riddle?

I would go there, but I dont have the grades:mad:

yeah i go to riddle, i'll be done in may.

and everyone has the grades for riddle, just apply, the question is, do you have the money?

all i have is the 4 hole disks but i will check. i'll send emails to ya all when i know.

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I'd be doing aviation science though, not ATC. I'm all ready to solo, just weather in michigan is pretty sucky right now. I'm probably gonna end up at Western Michigan doing their aviation science stuff. (it's just a little below embry rank wise)

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