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What is this board??

Bobby Buggs

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says rossi on it pretty clearly...didnt they make a board called a rooster? (you can see the logo)

if its long enough it looks like itd be fun!

Good one. The rooster is the symbol for the French (not the frog...). Hence the rooster on Rossignol, a french company.

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Seems like the rooster was the logo for "Equipe de France" which meant it was equipment that sponsored the French ski team. Way back when the rooster was also on other French ski brands like Dynamic, Dynastar and Lacroix as well as gloves and boots...or am I dreaming this up?

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Timminor, no you weren't dreaming the the rooster was on many french skis. In the ski shop that I worked in we carried Rossignol, Dynamic and Dynastar, they all had a rooster on them. The dynastar chicken was of different design than the dynamic chicken and the rossi chicken was a different design from the other two. Looking at that board though I can tell you that is a Rossi Chicken, I can't tell you what board it is though, sorry.

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Just to clarify, the rooster (le coq) is the french symbol for the French people. You will see it in most things french. Many times it represents the pride of being French.

For a detailed history, here is one link: http://www.insecula.com/article/F0010612.html

As for a short translation of the first line: "Gallus" in Latin means both "Gaulois" (ie the original French, cf the cartoon character Asterix and Obelix), and "rooster"

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I rode the Prowler for one season and loved it. It was what I started out on when I decided I wanted to transition to hardbooting. It was a fun all mountain board, but pretty soft by todays standards. I still wish I had one though and search regularly for them on ebay. There was a ton of them at one time and you could pick one up brand new for $99.00! The flex was pretty soft and I wouldn't recommend one for hardboots. I rode mine with K2 clickers and Yak boots, the kind with the built-in hard back. The hoodie arrived last week and it is AWESOME!!! :biggthump You weren't kidding about the quality, first rate! I'll be sportin' it this season when the weather allows and it's my new "anytime I leave the house and the wife can't tell me what to wear" favorite. :eek: Thanks for the brain teaser "name this board" thread too, I had fun!

Have fun,



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I rode mine with 121s at 45/35 back in my power skidding days. Yes it is a soft flex but when I got it it was the fastest board I had :eek:

The year it came out is was in the alpine section of the rossi boards. Prowler, Slayer and World cup.

I am going to put my cousin on the Yellow slayer.

Enjoy the Hoodie and wear it proud

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