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i did.

got there in the morning around 9:30am only to turn around and leave after standing in a long line that never moved. i guess there was contest going. they threw some boxes on milkrun and had a contest. i later learned they had around 200 contestants.

i went back at 5pm. still crowded. they have 2-3 runs open. kids were sitting on the run all over the place. the snow base was actually pretty decent. i was surprised. i wouldn't bring out the alpine board for the next couple weeks until the terrain park moves to the other run. there were lots of kids building jumps all over the place.

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Just warms your muscles after cooling down on the ride up, prevents a lot of injuries. The liftie and patroller in the hut love it, keeps thier coffee warm for hours. Infact, some days if they don't drink it quickly, it starts to boil over in the cup.

Damned if I'd want to spend much time in there.


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Its Festivus for the rest of us!!!

The tower is a symbolic nod to Festivus. The tower represents the aluminum Festivus pole!!! It will be the place where we gather around at the top of the run to air out our grievances about the skiers, lift lines, conditions, etc.

Afterwards, comes the Feats of Strength!!! No one can leave Buck until someone gets pinned to the ground.


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You are correct sir.

Opening day was nuts. I was working from 8am-10pm. The line in the ticket office was mainly due to everyone waiting until opening day to deal with buying their season passes and getting their photos taken.

If the ticket office line gets long like that, just buzz down to the ski school to get your lift ticket, the line is typically much shorter.

The weather looks marginal for snowmaking this week. When they do get a chance to make snow, they'll likely try to just keep the runs covered that are already open. The 6-10 day forecast doesn't look all that promising either.

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.....so is your feeling that carving around the ouside buoy will likely be better than going really fast around the inside buoy? I'm thinking that the true carvers will be inclined towards the outside and the racers might think about the inside buoy and time.

Tempted to want to get out some graph paper and a calculator....... :)

Patrick will be there and I will bring the camera. We'll drag along some racers from the G-Team.

Kent....the kids would love to see you....we had a great time at Copper this weekend. Garrett got 22nd on Monday in a very strong filed of 65.

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..the kids would love to see you....QUOTE]

And I'd certainly love to see them. As you're probably aware, when working for the "most admired" company in the world, my free time is now spent smiling and shaking hands at over-scheduled, tripled-booked parties rather than my hobbies.....

I will be back Dec 4th thur 11th (although my boss may have me on a flight on the 9th). I fighting it though. If there's snow on the hill, I'll be coaching.....

See you then!

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