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Converting VCR tapes to DVD


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I've done a fair amount of it. I bought an adapter that connects my VCR to my PC. I think I use Turtle Beach software (not positive because I'm in Vermont right now).

One caveat: The DVDs you burn may only work on newer players. It doesn't seem to matter whether you use DVD+ or DVD- disks.

The results are pretty good. I've been able to capture 20 year old videotape and preserve it on DVD.

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You need one of these:


You plug in your VCR into the box and then attach it via firewire or USB into your PC. Your PC will need a DVD burner.

Be careful when buying a cheap analog-to-digital converter. A lot of them have problems with dropouts. I can vouch for the quality of the Canopus product.

Another simpler method is to buy a DVD recorder. They have RCA input jacks. You plug your VCR into it and record onto a blank DVD.

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