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Happy Thanksgiving From Polish Printing Co.


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HEY folks just a Happy Thanksgiving card from Polish Printing co. in Scenic and Exotic Erie PA.

We are such losers this got all the way through the shop till our part time geezer(bluehair) caught it in the bindery right before it got shipped out to the customer......have a great Turkey Day...How can I fly like an eagle when Im surrounded by turkeys????? :o

we just got 5-6 inches of new lake effect fluffies yesterday and today.........oh well backwards into the future......east coast ice riders..........tom gregg


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Last year, the local mall had Santa Claus visit the mall on Saturdays so that the kids could tell him what they wanted for christmas. The printing company I work for was one of the co-sponsors and printed the posters for the event and this was on the masthead of the poster:


We aren't being asked to co-sponsor ANY christmas event this year.


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Haha - spellcheck just does not work for that kind of stuff. As the Japanese guy that works for me found out - air brow off was what he wrote, air blow off was what he meant. He could not understand how it could be wrong if it was passed by spellcheck - "the software must be defective"

Reliance on technology is a guarantee for failure - better to be a happy Luddite!

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