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Madd Board Graphics part deux

Shred Gruumer

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Hold... your pony's! These are just some ideas that have been left over from last year.. Mike decided to do some sample graphics recently to see how they would turn out.. personally the boy with the Michael Angelo hand looks great.. I've seen it! I think its better that what has been previously done..other that the Twisted Girl Graphics.. I have a few other samples graphics as well and soon as I get photos I will post them..

Also since this is always a preference of taste everyone seems to agree to disagree which prompted a call to MADD. I got to kick some Ideas around a bit from what was posted above..

Lets say.. hmmm someone volunteers to coordinate a graphics poll and design challenge and you can agree on a graphic MADD would then make available that graphic and the graphic that MADD decides on especially have two choices.. it may not happen I'm throwing this out there to see if this would be acceptable and if anyone want to take the ball a run with it and get ER done! , there will be always someone who doesn't like the graphics.. If no coordination then MADD will just do what team feels is appropriate..

So how does that sound ? this is not a contest so you don't win a board..it was a suggestion to see if some common graphic would appeal to the masses , but I hope that we can get a couple of choices to satisfy everyone... also MADD is kicking the idea of a custom personal graphic but then it opens it up to all kinds of issues.. like "you did my graphic wrong" or ..MADD is backwards..."BTW" is a crowd pleaser! so Custom is most likely out but is being considered...it would not be cheap.. ! these are not just laminated top sheets..


I like my graphics like I like my avatar! as UN PC! as u can get!!! Damm woosiefication of America! is what that is!

Right said Shred



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I found it interesting how many people seem to actually like the original madd boy graphics, so i decided I would take a shot at making it look a little better. something a bit more graphic, but with the same feel. here's what I came up with, still working on how exactly to fit it into the board, but that will come soon...


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I found it interesting how many people seem to actually like the original madd boy graphics, so i decided I would take a shot at making it look a little better. something a bit more graphic, but with the same feel. here's what I came up with...

Yes! I like it. It's a way to stay true to the Madd "look", but still move forward.

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Scorpio,, it could be an option.. thats why I started this thread to kick Ideas around.. I might work with it over the weekend to see what I can come up with..

Im surprised with all the comotion about topsheets no one is trying to organize anything..guess it was just a few squeeky wheels!! as usual!!

I have a ton a top sheet designs that I have done for myself.. but I did the above Angle because it sticks with the old kinda sepia color and Michael Angelo theme...

Have at it!

Right Said Shred


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That middle one resembles a certain photo from another post...if so, awesome photo-shop work!

You should make the un-happy-face more of an angry one with turned down eye-brows and showing teeth...that would be MADD!! :eplus2::eplus2:

All three look awesome! (hmm could one of these be used on a coiler....)



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and just for the record. keep in mind that you are being afforded a luxury of helping to choose a graphic. no other companies just put it out there like that. you get what you get...
You mean aside from Donek, Prior, and Coiler which all allow you to pick from a number of topsheets or use a custom one of your own creation, but I guess they are small snowboard companies no one has ever heard of :) Just kidding I know what you mean. Still it's incredibly difficult to come up with a consensus that everyone likes (as oppose to the the graphic that everyone votes as the leaset heinous). That being said... I like the graphics Tim whipped up... I would easily take any of them... the unhappy face kind of continues the theme of the Sad Madd boy. The red and two blue versions are also super sweet.

You know you probably could get away with just making custom topsheet protective covers like that 3DM stuff. Make them any of these patterns and rider can customize their board AND protect the original topsheet underneath!!!

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just wanna say that all the designs are really cool, however i think that Madd wants there boards to be a bit more understated. I personally think its kinda cool to have a board with graphics that are so different than anything else out there. got a chance to get out today on the Madd freestyle board and it got quite a few looks. :biggthump Anyways, here's my latest creation using the madd kid and flower.

(please excuse my poor rendition of the carbon fiber, I'm lazy...)


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Hmm almost has the famous Shred shape..Almost!

more Ideas.. Vote!

Hey! I had one of those on the left!! It was my first Madd and it was amazing. So stiff and more than 1 inch of camber. Is that yours? I loved that thing but it unfortunately broke.

Are they going to make any more of those?

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