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Difference between balance boards

Guest astan100

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Guest astan100

Hey guys,

I was reading the other threads on balance boards and I'm trying to decide if I want to get an indo one. Pretty much, I have a much older balance board...I bought it from my friend, who took it from his dad, for like 5 bucks...it's super old. Pretty much, it's a plank of wood with a long wooden rail that slots into a cylinder with a big groove. So there is no side to side motion whatsoever.

Do you think it's worth getting the indo board? Will it be much harder to use?

The cylinder of the indo board looks completely solid, so I guess you might rotate aroudn more, but is it significant, or is it the same back and forth motion I have now?

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Guest Randy S.

There won't be that much difference. You can supposedly do tricks like ollies on the indo board, but I never figured out how to do that stuff. The indo will be slightly less stable, making it harder.

This morning at my PT place I tried one that's really interesting. Its called an Extreme Balance Board . It was much harder to balance than the ones with a round rocker. I tried it with the plugs in the holes and it was still difficult (and I know how to stay on a balance board pretty well). Without the plugs, it would be super hard. I might have to get one.

I also have a BOSU. A very cool toy for exercise. If you want to spend money on some new balance-related exercise equipment, I'd say keep the bongo board you have and get either an extreme board or a bosu.

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I have the Indo Long Board and it rocks. The kids lose their **** when I take a digger. Scotch and Ido do not mix well.

I like when people actually own stuff and then give a review. I own the Indo Original: it is a fun board, safe for men, women and children to learn on, very challenging at first. It was funny when a friend of mine thought he would jump right on and balance like I was...surprise to see him flat on his back :flamethro

If you want a challenge, buy the Indo Pro with the larger board and taller cylinder.

Warning: Indo and alcohol do not mix :smashfrea

Indo is the best balance board in my opinion,


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Guest astan100

My issue with the indo is that will it doesn't seem like it will be much harder than my current balance board? I think it will be a slight increase in difficulty because the roller doesn't have a groove, but that doesn't strike me as a drastic difference warranting the 100 dollar expense...

Now that extreme one...THAT looks rough.

bump to the top :)

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