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cool Burton Hardbooting T-Shirt


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The picture is circa 1988 (note the Oakley Razor Blades), of Dave Alden, but the little Burton logo is current. I think it's a spoof, saying the opposite of what it really means, a la those skater bumperstickers that say "I love cops".

Agreed..... And I really think it is kind of a slap in the face to the Alpine world :boxing_sm:argue::angryfire

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It's just another small part of the whole about-face Burton has done with alpine. If they don't want to be involved with it, fine, but there's no need for them to poke fun at it. This reminds me of the press release they issued a few years ago smugly advising resorts to remove all alpine images from their marketing materials.

If it was really a nod to us, they would have used a current image.

However I suppose the meaning of the shirt can be determined by the wearer. Worn by one of us, it can be sincere. Worn by a 15 year old park rat, it's a lampoon. What bothers me is that it can be worn either way. Not that it <i>really</i> matters.

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The older, male patern balding, cheesy jumpsuit and day-glow ugly board/boots combo? It's definately making fun of old-school carving geeks.

However I'm not offended, and I would actually buy one if I saw it. (and it was less than 10 bucks) It's pretty funny.

You all know it's an inside joke that 99.99999999% of riders would not get anyway.

Looks like burton is trying to make some money with alpine after all.

F Burton!

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My email to Burton assured me they are not returning to alpine.....I guess they've decided the teenagers dependent on their parent's cash is better than marketing directly to the parent......

Oh well, I did just buy my son some soft boots and a camo helmet from Burton, but since he's 6, he's right in their demographic....

Oh, and the boots are on backorder...I guess they are waiting for the Chinese to float the yuan before they commit to buying from their manufacturer...

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the guy is on a dynastar course asym . . . not even their own board. . . if they had class, they would at least have gotten a shot of a guy on a PJ. At that point, I would atleast give them credit on the self humiliation front. Ya know. . . kinda like jewish people telling jewish jokes, or blondes telling blonde jokes (etc etc). . . its almost ok.


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a tiny glimmer of hope for the world....

one of my favorite comments from a freestyle peep was pertaining to riding in general. he was amazed that kids would have their parents spend good money to send them to camps and stuff where they'd learn tricks and junk, while in the meantime they could barely ride between the features.

it kind of reflected the attitude that a lot of "students" come into lessons with, that they only "need" to learn tricks since they can already side slip down the hill, almost. many folks figure that if they can make it down the hill without dying, then they have mastered snowboarding.


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This calls for some "MORE CARVE LESS JIB" bumper stickers.

If applied to the topsheet of a skinny board (or anything with alpine bindings, really) there would be no mistake about the sincerity.

(Preferably in a non-retro font though. That swirly bulgey 70s font just distracts from the message.)

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our own that says something like jibber for life with a picture of a mid 90s dumb ass with low backs on a 138 or something maybe one of those old avalanche boards with the park tips.

for the person in the picture, some punk ass with a cig hanging out of the mouth and the usual other 90s park rat attributes.

You could sell them on here or at the ECES or something.

My girlfriend is a art teacher and one hell of a artist, I could have her draw something up.

I do have to say though that the burton shirt is funny even if it does make fun of me.

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I kinda think it's a tentative step in acknowledging the very existence of carving turns - the very existence of something that is NOT jibbing.

But is it positive or negative?

I think the image has been deliberately chosen precisely because it's very open to interpretation. They're throwing the image out into the market to see how it plays. It's a subtle form of market research.

If they get a lot of young folks wearing them Burton'll probably start trying to sell those people other "retro" "carving" stuff. Maybe even boots and boards.

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