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I am looking for mondo 29 boots + a board


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Hi, I want to buy my first alpine setup. I measured my foot at about 29.5 cm. I want hard boots and a board. I suppose with a foot this large I need a wide board. I don't know how much I can spend but I don't want something too expensive.

Also, are sidecuts supposed to be centered on the board? I think on my freeride board it is set back. I want one that is centered.

I live on Long Island.

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Hi Jim, I'll take those boots if they are still available. I thought I had sent you an email, but I just realized the email was from Bomber's auto notification so I replied to that instead (disregard that email, Fin). I'll try right now to email you. Sorry.

I forgot to post this originally, but I am also looking for bindings.

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I never got the email but I they are still for sale . I think a 29.5 would work for us size 12. The shells are 29 but liner is 29.5 . I wear 11.5 and think they fit good with good toe room .

they are also cheap and boxed

You can email at jmcgrane @ comcast.net


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