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Hardbooter in Ski Vermont Magazine


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Not sure how many of you get Ski Vermont Magazine . . . but thought I would post that it was a pleasant surprise to stumble across a picture of one of our own on Page 50 in an article called "Crazy Love" by Peter Oliver. Total fluff article, but hey . . . a hardbooter! More than we normally get!


The rider's BOL user name is scloyes . . . errrrr. . . those who know him can figure out the rest. Im sure the shot was taken at stratton. scloyes, will probably chime in and bash him self at some point. . . im guessing the picture is actually from the winter of 2004.


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Saw this about a week ago, but never going around to posting here. Don't usually get the mag, but my sister does and happened to send it by my desk on the way to the recycle bin. Quickly scanned the pages and I was glad to see a HBer! :biggthump

Yeah, not sure on that second photo either. Hard to tell. I'm just hoping that one clearly HB shot will get at least a few people websearching Donek and Catek. :)

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